A Broken Bond

We stood face to face. I adored you and felt weak every time you smiled at me. You were truly beautiful in its entirety. I enjoyed your company, and you, mine. It was truly us against the world. Continue reading “A Broken Bond”



The 18 year old who single handedly convinced me to start bloging.

Few of my favourite posts from him are on the subject of heaven.

This one offers a modern view of heaven and why we dislike it. I wouldn’t call it religious I would call it spiritual but think what you must. It’s an AMAZING read!


This one explains the idea of ‘living’ eternally in much more depth; very humorous actually!


By Isaac 

A Rising Hero

A friend of mine found this freedom fighter. Who would have thought such a person exists amongst us! haha

You should subscribe. Speaks the truth (not always but what is a human without controversy) in an odd way which we like very much


“Forgive and Remain Child Like”


By Isaac