Free your mind

Ever felt as if your voice did not matter? As if your opinion was yours and yours alone? Just “Me against the world”?

I offer you this thought.

From my perspective, you will feel like this for as long as you live. No matter what you do, you WILL still be One in a Billion. Life is definitely unfair but view it from this angle. You are unique. One in a Billion. Your voice matters. It may be to a few¬†dozens or even hundreds; but maybe, just like me, to a sole human being –¬†YOURSELF.

Why this constant need to be heard? Are we really conditioned for popularity? Ask yourself this: “Am I really THAT afraid to be the kid in the background?”

Our hierarchical society offers an ultimatum: Stand out or blend in. Can I, while writing this, really be either? Can you?

I do not wish to blend in, yet have no yearn to be heard. I do not cry out for fame!

So I have one solution. Free your mind. Find your outlet and use it as you see fit. Art! Literature! Music! Why not try punching a politician in the face (please do)! All great outlets!

Free your mind and come what may!

You choose.

I am not in any shape or form a motivational speaker. Just a kid in the background pissed at the masses.

By Isaac

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