Why America is slowly taking over the world

So as I was scrolling through the news as you do, I came across this article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-17657814

“Abu Hamza US extradition backed by European Court”

What sprung to mind was this: ‘Who decided to appoint America as the world’s police?’. Whenever there’s a crisis on the regards of terrorism, they’re first in line. They react like those seagulls from “Nemo” – “MINE! MINE! MINE!”

“Oh is that a new terrorist you’ve got there? I want in!” It’s as if they ENJOY captivating terrorists; almost, if not, identical to a kid eagerly collecting pokemon cards or what-not.

I can also picture them playing ‘swapsies’ with other countries. “I don’t want this terrorist anymore, he’s not as effective. TRADE YOU!” And the U.K responds to the U.S like an eager dog waiting on its master’s arrival (sad right?)

But it isn’t just the U.K this time. NO! No bribing here! (I am definitely NOT inferring that the U.K where bribed into the Iraq wars. Absolutely NOT! – extra ‘brownie’ points for understanding sarcasm!) It seems the whole of Europe is backing this extradition! We all know and have heard of Guantanamo Bay. The infamous ‘prison’ for high-risk criminals. They’ve detained up to 500 criminals in the past 5 years. Yet Europe decides to flock em’ over. That’s exactly where Hamza will end up. Whether he deserves it or not we will never know; but 5 years down the line, an ‘accidental’ death will occur and the whole EU will ‘review’ their human rights issues, lie to us, offer us warm milk and cookies and put us to bed. Little would you know, the milk contained ‘roofies’ and the next time you wake up, you would have mysteriously developed amnesia and forgotten about the whole thing.

Where has all this American influence over the EU come from?! I have the answer! Wait for it. The most overused line in the history of political mockery – “IT’S A CONSPIRACY!”

They’re taking over the world! Slowly but surely! At first you consume the Americanized media – films, music etc. Then you move on to their politics. “The idea of democracy is quite appealing! I mean, those EVIL people deserve it! and we’d get free guns! ‘UP THE RED NECKS!'” And before you know it you’ll become… *cue dramatic music*… ONE OF THEM! (The horror!)

Watch your back. They’re coming.

By Isaac


One thought on “Why America is slowly taking over the world

  1. Please read the BBC article before the post. Makes MUCH more sense! Even the reasons of extradition just amaze me!

    I’ve taken a less serious tone to this but surely the appeal to be judged in the country where you committed a crime and where you were arrested should be re-considered! I see no sense of justice in this. They’re Muslims. They’ve done bad things. Hand ‘em over to the Pros (Pros at torture may I add)

    p.s. I am in no way defending Abu Hamza or any of the other accused. I just think human rights go down the drains whenever courts deal with alleged terrorists. There are better ways to deal with it that’s all.

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