A Broken Bond

We stood face to face. I adored you and felt weak every time you smiled at me. You were truly beautiful in its entirety. I enjoyed your company, and you, mine. It was truly us against the world.

You abruptly stopped smiling, stood still, and said: “why?”

Perplexed I said nothing. Your eyes became hollow and were filled with a deep black which made me shudder. Those beautiful hazel eyes which emitted so much warmth, those mesmerizing lips which whispered onto my very soul suddenly became so… cold. Like steel, your gaze was a metal pipe which struck and pierced me. What had happened to you? To us?

I shouted words but they fell empty as you remained unresponsive. Your lips moved, but I heard no sound. You moved further and further away from me, but why? Where were you going?!

The ground started to crack. I stumbled backwards and it was only then that I noticed that there was nothing around me, around us; just an empty, white void. We were in our own bubble but as the ground we stood on split in half, I came to and found it was all just… a simulation. You had always had these cold eyes. Your gaze was always unresponsive and cold.

I looked around. The white empty void in which we resided morphed into a rainforest. I, on a peak of a mountain, you, on another. I noticed a wooden path, held together by several threads, joined your side to mine.

You smiled, but it wasn’t the same smile I saw once before, it was filled with… nothing; no hatred or murderous intent, just… nothing. I felt a stranger to that smile; I felt indifference from you.

I screamed: “Why?!” You remained passive and said nothing. You walked to the foot of the bridge and slowly started to undo the threads. Motionless I watched until the bridge dismantled and crashed down towards the rainforest. I looked down and saw nothing; the bridge disappeared. Confused, I stared at the forest floor which was lying under me, trying to make sense of this all. What was going on?! I looked back up and saw nothing… Where did you go?

In that split second, I was back in the empty void. I stood alone as the white around me faded into black and left me isolated. I was alone and you were gone. I closed my eyes and tried to remember you, your face, your eyes but I saw nothing.

I opened my eyes, and there I was, lying on my bed, looking up as I saw cracks on my bedroom ceiling. They stretched out from one end to the other… a heavy silence and stillness was broken by a tear, trickling down my cheek.

It was then that I came to my abrupt resolution; those very cracks symbolised our Broken Bond…

By Isaac

4 thoughts on “A Broken Bond

  1. I’m pretty sure that in one way, shape, or form, this experience is something we all have in common. Great job articulating it. The sad and abrupt end of the bond breaks really hits home; it’s amazing how an instant takes so much time to become understandable.

  2. This brought a lot of emotion up that I’ve been trying to repress for quite a while now, your writing really is beautiful. Though it is sad, reading this has allowed me to feel something, let everything out, which I probably should have done a long time ago. Thank you.

    1. Writing this, I just knew I had to ‘face the music’. It really helped me in a hard time and I hope it did to you too. Thank you for understanding and I hope all is well.

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