I Am A Living Paradox (Pt.2)

I have a somewhat decomposed view of human personality and identity. Though not quite, I believe we are all schizophrenic in the way we consciously and/or subconsciously take and convey many persona to our surroundings. Take me for an example. I had a close friend of mine confess her lack of understanding of my character and me as a person. Though this was not a form of criticism at my person, It certainly made me think. Continue reading “I Am A Living Paradox (Pt.2)”


Hypocrisy & Recognition

First of all, let’s establish something important: I’m a hypocrite and couldn’t be human without such a feature. ‘Hypocrisy befits Humanity’ is what I say a countless number of times.

I will point out my hypocrisy because as I am writing this blog, I am like a child screaming for attention and recognition. “Hey guys, look. I’m not a writer but I can write! I write a lot of deep nonsense! Do you like it?” I would say and think this but a few hours, days, or even weeks later, will find myself saying ” I hate attention seekers” or “I don’t care what people think of me” when everything I do points to the opposite. I am merely consciously fighting this human feature. Continue reading “Hypocrisy & Recognition”

I Am A Living Paradox (Extended)

I wasn’t happy the way I left my previous post but I did not wish to add more. I’m conditioning myself to write concisely and ‘straight-to-the-point’ by my metaphorical and ‘flowery’ style of writing just won’t let me; but I will write shorter posts from now one. 

I want to talk about the images I normally use with my posts, especially the one in the previous post: the ‘Black Hole’. Continue reading “I Am A Living Paradox (Extended)”