I Am A Living Paradox (Extended)

I wasn’t happy the way I left my previous post but I did not wish to add more. I’m conditioning myself to write concisely and ‘straight-to-the-point’ by my metaphorical and ‘flowery’ style of writing just won’t let me; but I will write shorter posts from now one. 

I want to talk about the images I normally use with my posts, especially the one in the previous post: the ‘Black Hole’.

I want to present to you the metaphor and connotations I see.

I think it’s very ironic that I said “I stare into myself when I look into the infinity that is space” because this image represents exactly that. It closely resembles the human eye in it’s formation and various rings.

The light beaming into the centre, the black hole, is also interesting to note. It’s as if it is transfusing one infinity into the other; light rays which represent infinity (everlasting and ever-travelling) and the black hole being an unknown infinity itself (never ending ’emptiness’)

With this idea, the black hole absorbs lightjust as our eyes do, into this unknown place, unidentifiable to the human brain, and keeps it there.

The black hole is, for me, the perfect example of a logical paradox; It exists but it does not. It absorbs into space but that space is defined as ‘nothingness’ and empty.

To me it truly represents my argument of being a paradox; I exist but I do not (debatable) I think but I do not. I am but I am not. (The list goes on)

Just interesting thoughts I thought may help you in understanding my point of view.

By Isaac

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