Life is Death

What is life?

Life is Death

We live to die

As we are birthed, a countdown begins to our very last breath;

A countdown towards the inevitable.

We struggle with death;

We never accept it but acknowledge it.

Like an enemy waiting for the right moment

It lurks.

In waiting.

Death is patient,

We are not.

Death is an ultimatum, an inevitability. Infinite.

We are afraid of death but live regardless

We attempt to erase death from our thoughts

We fill our lives with empty sentiments to dull the pain of existence.

Love, Hate, Pain, Heartbreak, Happiness, Depression

All arise from our subconscious battle with death.

The meaning of life thus becomes an eternal conscious and subconscious battle with that moment

That last breath

There is no Life and Death

Life is Death

a despairing human


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