Hypocrisy & Recognition

First of all, let’s establish something important: I’m a hypocrite and couldn’t be human without such a feature. ‘Hypocrisy befits Humanity’ is what I say a countless number of times.

I will point out my hypocrisy because as I am writing this blog, I am like a child screaming for attention and recognition. “Hey guys, look. I’m not a writer but I can write! I write a lot of deep nonsense! Do you like it?” I would say and think this but a few hours, days, or even weeks later, will find myself saying ” I hate attention seekers” or “I don’t care what people think of me” when everything I do points to the opposite. I am merely consciously fighting this human feature.

But why? Why do I seek independence and individuality? Why do I seek appraisal for trivial matters?

As I am still growing mentally into maturity (I am 18 years old in case you had not known), I believe that I am just searching for myself and identifying who I really am; or so I hope. Many have judged me as egotistical and a illusionist because I portray an image that will aid me to be accepted and recognized while my true self is hidden. As humans we all do this. It’s all a facade! We live a false life and switch ‘masks’ according to our social environment. One minute you’re serious and philosophical, the next the ‘party-animal’.

This feature makes me sick. I am sick of myself and am sick of you. We can’t help it but we encourage it. Our culture glorifies fake role-models and somewhat emboldens the need to be recognized and up-held by others. For it is only when you are recognized that you find your true self.

Yeah. I call bullshit. On and one we go like drones about all being different and individual while we succumb to social pressures. A simple pat on the back is enough to give you a fix and a boost to the ego which we willfully carry.

I conclude. Let us chant the chant of our people: ” I’m a Hypocrite and I know it!”

We need no recognition but strive for it. Why? Because we are egotistical hypocrites; and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

A fellow hypocrite, Isaac

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