I’ve always been called and have always been naive. Everything or everyone I met, I would accept as they were.

I have a terrible understanding of ‘First Impressions’. The concept of it escapes me. I was recently asked by a new house mate what my first impression of her was; but no matter how hard I thought, I had no idea. I simply couldn’t think back to a mere 2 weeks when I was first introduced to her. Why could I not? Was it that I was indifferent towards her, open-minded or just ‘naive’?

I answered: ‘I had… none’.

I was met with a somewhat curious and skeptical look. Had she thought I was lying, that was beyond me, but what I deduced from her expression was an expression of interest, like a discovery of something alien to her world.

“You had none.”

To present, I never understood the true reasoning to that response. I have always felt comfortable of gradually adapting to someone as time passes by. To have a decided perception of man precisely at the time of contact seems unfair and somewhat judgmental. I understand that it is in our human nature to scrutinize things or people new to us, but it was never in my favour to do so.

This attitude in life, however, has failed me a countless number of times. I would retain an open and somewhat optimistic opinion of someone, hoping they were what they seem, but of course, that is not the way the world functions. For my own and their sake, I won’t venture into it any further.

If being naive is accepting someone for who they truly are, arguably good or bad, without a judgmental opinion, then so be it. That’s just who I am. Naive.

The naive homosapien.


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