Four simple letters (Spoken Word Poetry)


The meaning of love is lost in lust, forgotten and shamed, ignored and betrayed.

When we see beauty, we don’t love or appreciate it, we deform and objectify it.

We are made pure and sacred yet in lust we are… empty.

Empty shells on which dark desires are portrayed, changing with every eye, deforming to accommodate.

Love at first sight meant much more. The innocence and beauty of a person shone and proclaimed to the world: ‘This is who I am’.

But now… Love at first sight has been redefined as Lust at first sight.

The first thing you hear when you see beauty is ‘She looks’. ‘He looks’. ‘They look’.. but why focus on the look of beauty when its entity is much more refreshing to the mind and the soul.

What is love, what is the beauty that is love?

To love is to trust, for you give yourself to another; your burdens are shared with each other, your joys, your fears, your thrills, your tears.

To love is to let go of your worries, embrace your feelings of affection, no longer fiction but that spark from the friction of two becoming one.

To love is to love that reflection in the mirror that smiles back as you wonder about your identity.

As you ponder about the inability… to love.

Love may be lost but it is embedded in your heart, waiting to reflect and ascend into the glory that it once was… You

Love is you and it is I.

You who shone and proclaimed, you who laughed and forgave, you who loved and engraved into your mind… ‘I. LOVE.’

A living paradox


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