Fleeting Ambition


A strong noun that stands proud.

Proud as my father, and my mother.

Strongly rooted into history like my ancestors.

This word rings and echoes at times like the warmth of a mother’s embrace

and at others like a cold blade piercing a heart.

Who dares oppose my ambition?


There you are. I had forgotten what you looked like.

That gaze you give when I try

That brimming grin you show when I fall

That frown you cast when I pick myself up and carry on.


Oh sweet Jealousy how I have missed you…


Locked in an endless cycle I steadily look behind me as you loom closer and closer

bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Grim Reaper.

Show mercy to this lowly ambitious human.

This human who is so close to tapping the golden shoulders of Ambition…

I turn to see that scythe bearing down.

“You don’t deserve it!”, “Why should you succeed and not me?”…

I can see the bloody letters as clear as I hear them echo in my thoughts.

As I fall one last time.


Oh sweet Jealousy how I have missed you…

The lowly ambitious human


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