Mother Tongue

Watch me as I breathe life into these Ls and soft TH sounds

Watch me as I slither these lines through the cracks of my lips

Like the serpent cunningly whispering false words to Eve’s ear

I caress your language with this alien tongue of mine.

C’est quoi t’on nom? No answer. Nkowode? No answer. (French/Ewe: What’s your name?)

“What language am I speaking?” I ask myself.

Who am I speaking to?…

Tu es d’où? No answer. Fika o tso? No answer. (French/Ewe: Where are you from?)


A struggle begins as I sow these words together delicately. I feel the urge to rip this silky tongue out of the bed of this cage enforced with beige and yellowy bars. An act of desperation with the hope to free the native owner of this once proud home. Whom will once again delight in the warm and sandy air. Whom will once again dance and be free in the earthy breeze. The same breeze that embraced my ancestors.


Comme un fou, je fouille mes pensées en cherche de ma langue. Mais il m’évite…

(Like a mad man I frisk my thoughts in search for my tongue. But it is not within reach…)

Meɖekuku, trova…

(Please, come back…)

But I’ve already lost you…



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