The Devious Sun

And so you rise, protagonist of all mankind.

Your warm glow fluttering through the sky, caressing it into a lulling blue,

leaving us to marvel at your calming rays, bringing a slow hope as you peak over the horizon.

Your slow ascension can only be described as a throng of angels purposefully floating towards the heavens, casting down beams of assurance as the first life moves in the wilderness,

as the first bird leaves its nest to scavenge, and the attentive mother leaves to fetch water from the nearest well.


And so you stand tall, protagonist of all mankind.

Basking in the glory of your unreachable height,

cradling mankind with a smirk as they scurry under your warmth with unexplainable optimism,

providing shade for the lioness in her herd,

and casting down shadows of skyscrapers in defiance at their attempt to match your stature.


And so you fall, antagonist of all mankind,

for all good things must come to an end.

With great reluctance to leave your heavenly throne, you cast down fury in a blazing heat,

draining rivers, lakes and seas till their dry carcasses remain,

draining the optimistic scurry of mankind as they slow to a stop and heave their weight under your glaring rage,

draining the very life you helped into existence in the not so distant past.


And so you fall, antagonist of all mankind,

with your fleeting light, you leave a last resentful glare to the world which once worshipped you, the world which now resents you.

But fear not you say, for tomorrow is another day, and with it you will rise defiantly in your cunning skin.



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