The trees Told Me A Secret

The trees told me a secret.

“It’s okay to be alone.”

They know me all too well,

Every corner piece of my puzzle,

Every odd shape,

Those two faces.


You see I lost myself in these woods,

Anxiety ran away with me and never brought me back.

“Best friends look out for each other” he said, “and taking you away is the only way I can protect you”.

“Protect you from them.”

“Protect you from yourself.”

I watched them both disappear past the distant leaves, paralysed by the restless panic in my gut marching up my lungs and out my throat.

And I could only stand there, as the last bit of colour drained from my hands.


Since then, I’ve been wandering this dirt, missing what it felt like to hate myself.

You see the trees told me a secret.

“It’s okay to be alone.”

But each of their whispers is a reminder of my paper thin puzzle leaving cuts on my skin.

Pain… Pain is an emotion I knew.

Pain kissed me goodbye on that very same day.

So I downed my bottle of apathy, and stumbled onto this path,

Trapped in this nostalgic replay of the day I decided to colour my world Sepia.

So at least my hollow body could still feel at home.


Poetry part of bigger dance project that can be viewed here

The Trees Told Me A Secret from Isaac Ouro on Vimeo.


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