Window Shopping

Phone in hand,

your thumb eloquently flicks left,

and left,

and left,

and left,


you pause.

Diligently examining her imperfect.


She fronts a smile dragged through muddied eyes,

rinsed with tears and make-up

till the brown is pale but dark enough to merit your


Left.A petite woman looking to meet new people just to see what happens


You liked them tall.

Said you didn’t want your mates taking the piss out of you for dating a…

someone like…

That’s much better!

5’11, blonde hair, blonde skin, green eyes,

loves a good workout, loves a laugh, and

is looking for a serious relationship.

“Looking for commitment on an app? Yeah right!”

Too tall, too blonde, too fake.


Her nose is weird.


Her smile’s too gummy.


What the fuck is that?!


Hmm… nah.

Left.You pause.

Diligently examining her…



The lads would love to see this! You message them and caption your prize-to-be.

“I think I just found Angelina Jolie before she got old!”

Your pride swells up as they raucously praise the return of your hunt.


The word ‘beautiful’ vibrates on your tongue and drowns in your wet appetite.

The mannequin propped up on a pedestal comes to life,

as your arms envelop her trophy shaped being.


Your walk-in chasm is flooded by a rush of adrenaline,

and draws a faint smile, a quiet peace within you,

that lasts only for a moment.

And as it drains,

it leaves carcasses behind,

yearning for your puppeteering hands to reanimate them into